Lazycart.in is India based online food and grocery store.

We serve almost all daily needed products on ours store

Why should I use lazycart.in?

  1. One of the best user interface.
  2. We serve in 3 languages (Hindi, English and Gujarati.)
  3. Free cancellation within 10 mints of order.
  4. Discount on every product.
  5. Supply products form your nearby stores.
  6. We deliver within 45 mints of time (conditions apply)
  7. And many more surprises.

Where do we operate?

Currently we serve in Himmatnagar,  and soon we will start our service across India.

About founders and developer

Lazycart.in was idea of JUNED. Which was further supported by SHAHID S and developed by SHAHID BELIM & TEAM.

How do I order?

  1. open lazycart website or app
  2. Add your needed products to cart
  3. Enter details
  4. Select suitable payment option.
  5. Done! Your product will be delivered around 45 minutes of time as per your order.